Industrial Organic Deodorizers:


  • Clean facilities
  • Less/No Odor
  • No pest infestation
  • No danger of dengue
  • Safe for the community
  • Doesn’t affect the health of people

Process of Dillution Sample:

GARBAGE STINKS! In the landfill industry / business controlling odor is critical. Philippine law maintains waste must be sent to a Sanitary Landfill for final disposal. Engineered structures can be installed to control liquid so that groundwater contamination is prevented but odor, on the other hand, is much harder to control. Soil is placed daily over the fresh waste but odor can still be a real problem. At the Bulacan Engineered Sanitary Landfill in San Jose del Monte Bulacan the landfill has been accepting waste since 2009. In that time at least three products have been utilized to control odor. All have been organic in nature and have been applied as a spray to the incoming waste and waste that has been deposited into the landfill.

Recently we were introduced to a new product, TAYTO BIO CLEAN. We have been using Tayto Bio Clean for about one month now and the effect on odor control is markedly improved.T he product is diluted at a ratio of 1:400, that is, we mix 500 ml of Tayto Bio Clean concentrate with 200 liters of water and we spray our waste as it comes into the Site and after it has been emplaced. It takes about 45 minutes to distribute 200 liters in a spray form. After 4 to 5 hours the process is repeated over the whole day, 24 hours.

An odor inspection was conducted by the Plant Manager who has been working with landfills for nearly one decade. On a scale of 0 to 4, 0 - no smell, 1 -think you can smell something but not sure, 2 - can smell something but not bad, 3 - you can definitely smell it but not overly bad and 4 - you can smell it and it is BAD! “Immediately adjacent to the waste mound containing fresh and exposed waste, the odor was a low 2”.

Garbage still stinks but by using TAYTO BIO CLEAN the smell is greatly reduced and the effect of controlling odor in the Bulacan Engineered Sanitary Landfill has become much improved!

NaturesBio Natures Bio Cleanser Organic Disinfectant / Deodorizer, is a 100% organic Deodorizer / disinfectant/ sanitizer with environmental friendly ingredients as follows: Natures Beneficial Photosynthetic Bacteria, Fresh Coconut Sap, Tropical Seaweed Extract, Lemon (Calamansi) Feel Extract, Green Papaya Feel Extract, Pineapple Core/ Feel Extract. Processed through 100% natural fermentation. It cleanse, disinfect, sanitize and control foul odor and eliminate bad bacteria. It can be used for piggery, poultry, drainage, landfill, wet market, garbage, hospitals.