THE ALPHA ENTERPRISE has a very unique business. We are the only direct importer of chemicals for water disinfection of drinking water and waste water while focusing on developing our own product since 2011. Our management has more than 15 years of marketing experience this ensures the expertise of understanding of the need of the market and its potential. The Alpha Enterprise, has developed customer's loyalty and trust when it comes to the quality of our product and on time delivery.

The Alpha Enterprise already has served all the major water districts in the Philippines and continue to be running as the number one chlorine supplier and importer in the country. We are maintaining our goal to build chlorine supplier and importer in the country. We are maintaining our goal to build the competition by winning 80% of government tenders for chlorine granular as in last 2016.

We are ensuring quality products through continuous product research and development specifically through on site visitation of the best manufacturing company in Asia. We are requiring the producers to have proper International standardization certifications such as NSF(Choosing a product certified by NSF lets you know the company complies with strict standards and procedures imposed by NSF. from extensive product testing and material analyses to unannounced plant inspections, every aspect of a product's development is thoroughly evaluated before it can earn NSF certification) ISO Certified Company and must have an EPA Certification( The United States Environmental Protection Agency is an agency of the Federal government of the United States which was created for the purpose of protecting human health and the environment).

The Alpha Enterprise Profile

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We are making sure that everyone who works with The Alpha Enterprise knows the importance of excellent customer service thru understanding the needs of the market for immediate delivery of chemicals for drinking water. The Alpha Enterprise remains true to its purpose on providing the public the best products and services and aims to be a partner with the Water Districts and Private Operators in providing potable drinking water to improve the lives of the Filipino people.

The Alpha Enterprise was built in the following core strengths and foundation:

Business knowledge and expertise -

Calcium Hypochlorite,Coagulants such as Aluminum Sulfate,Poly aluminum Chloride and Organic disinfectant. We have developed our own brand and has been most preferred product by most Water Districts in the Philippines. The quality of our products passes every random test conducted by our clients and the company has built impression to the market of low price but high in quality product by winning almost all the government tenders. There is no direct competitor in the market of calcium hypochlorite direct importation as most of the competition sells equipment products and drinking water chemicals are not their priority to develop.

Corporate Social Responsibility

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Vision -

To be the most reliable water chlorine importer and manufacturer in the Philippines.

Values -

Faith in God, mutual trust and honesty between and among owner,customers, investors and staff.

From Alpha Enterprise's history, we have created the above value proposition to our investors for its manufacturing arm,The Alpha & Omega Chemical MFG. CORP. The existing company shall provide the business knowledge and expertise in making the new company the most trusted water chlorine manufacturer and supplier in the Philippines through faith in Almighty God and mutual trust and honesty between and among owner,customers, investors and staff.


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