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Welcome To Alpha Enterprise

THE ALPHA ENTERPRISE is a direct importer of chemical products for water treatment. With more than 15 years of marketing experience of its management and understanding the need of the market, The Alpha Enterprise, have developed the customer's loyalty and trust when it comes to the quality products and on time delivery of products in wherever places in the Philippines. The Alpha Enterprise have maintained the quality of its products by securing monthly testing of their products to their distinctive laboratories agencies such as PIPAC in Ateneo de manila University and University of the Philippines BIOTECH office in Los Banos,Laguna.

The Alpha Enterprise have already served all the Major Water District in the Philippines and continued to be the running Number 1 Chlorine Supplier in Community Waste Water treatment in the entire Archipelago. Maintaining its goal to build the power of Price, quality and excellent customer service, The Alpha Enterprise remains true to its purpose on providing the community the best products and services and aims to provide a better employment to the Filipino People.


The POWER of Price, Quality, and Excellent Customer Service


To become the most admired Industrial supplier of Maintenance Chemical and Industrial supplies in the market thru providing the highest standard of customer service satisfaction, from sales to after sales service.


Provide our customer the most professional sales representative thru needs based approach. Our commitment is to ensure the fastest delivery time. Our customer is the most important in our business, thus providing them the best customer service.

The Alpha has three divisions, one is Automotive Division wherein we sell automotive lubricants, parts and accessories, we are direct importer and we have great partners with the Manufacturers in Southeast Asia.

Another Division is Industrial Division which concentrating on the Chemical Supplies of Chlorine and Maintenance Lubricants of products and services and Personal Protective Equipments.

The most recent is the Government Accounts Division which specializes on Government biddings of our Chemicals and Chlorine Products.

The ALPHA Enterprise

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