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This site offers more than information about our products. We aim to let people learn about the product itself. We in the Alpha would like to help our existing clients as well as the prospect clients that we know about the business. We can be a good resource of information in how to make the job easier. We also have 24/7 help desk to help you on your inquiry.

The Alpha Academy is an online source of details on a certain topic like Personal Protective equipments’. This can be your resource of updates on the Activities and latest news about safety. Upon visiting the academy of Personal Protective Equipment. You will also learn some articles on how to achieve a safety work place. And also some updates on Occupational Safety and Health Standards. We will be your partners in achieving almost zero accidents in your workplace, which is the greatest goal of every Safety officers.

If you are concern about Chlorine and its Application, You can also visit our Chlorine Academy, wherein you can actually learn on the proper step by step Chlorination and its process. The Safety rules in Chlorine applications are some of the most important thing to know. You can simply check out our site and learn with us.

Our other products were Quality Janitorial supplies. WE have all the needed chemicals that would suit your needs. It is not just giving you the best products but also giving you the information needed in the right applications of the said chemicals.

Our Automotive Division is also included in the line of products. Taking care of your engine is our first priority. We can give you the information regarding taking care of your car’s engine and some free advices from our expert on how to prevent friction related problems.

Where else you can find a site that would not only showcase their Products and services. Only in The Alpha Academy. so we invite you to Learn with us!

We stand for our corporate tag lines "THE POWER OF THREE" which stands for the power of QUALITY, THE POWER OF AFFORDABILITY AND THE POWER OF CUSTOMER SATISFACTION! Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes The Alpha, the ideal choice.

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